counter easy hit Luepp - A Digital Storyteller's Notepad: "I survived the age of VHS!"

donderdag, maart 24, 2005

"I survived the age of VHS!"

These images from the late 1960s or early 1970s have been transferred, first, from Super 8 to VHS towards the turn of the century by my dad – who used a periscope-like contraption with mirrors which he built himself - and, secondly, to Betacam SP by myself a few years later. Today, in this exciting age of digital wonders, you are watching them in JPG.

Though my dear older brother has clearly lost his colours in the intervening 30 years, he summat survived the rough transfers to and from VHS and still looks focused (albeit not exactly in focus). See the previous post for another such snippet of film that made it to the digital age as, in its turn, an Mpeg4 QuickTime movie.