counter easy hit Luepp - A Digital Storyteller's Notepad: Old Feathered Friends

maandag, januari 24, 2005

Old Feathered Friends

I have also found other flash projects from the same period which show a keen interest in ornithology. The first project features a magpie. Click on the base of the spine of the letter 'k' and you'll trigger a song. The second project shows the same bird in the company of some of his feathered friends, i.e. a goldfinch and an oriole. Click on, again, the irritably tiny hotspot and find the magpie's mystery guest. I am sorry if you feel that these projects are silly, but they were a great source of entertainment to the little one at the time. The third project is "the odd bird out", however, for it is a preliminary design for an interface to a woodpecker project that never took off.