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maandag, maart 28, 2005

The Ghost Of Pasqua Past

On Good Friday 1989, I had the great privilege of attending the Addolorata Procession in the Southern Italian city of Taranto. The venerated statue of the Madonna-In-Tears was carried through the Old City of Taranto in a procession which "ran", so to speak, from midnight, I believe it was, until dawn. I remember it was both a cheerful and a solemn occassion. The slow pace of the procession's progress was truly mesmerizing. The calm chatter of people was interrupted every now and then by the cries of individuals cheering the revered statue on. And I clearly recall at least two occasions on which an older woman suddenly rushed forward to touch the statue in a loud act of religious frenzy. Quite impressive. But the most remarkable aspect of the evening was the warmth shared by the friendly crowd. I thank my dear friend Patrizia for inviting me along that night! These reminiscences are triggered by her phonecall. I just heard she's attended both the Addolorata and Gesù Morto processions this year and that the rituals still remain unchanged. As they are of course supposed to be.