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woensdag, april 13, 2005

"Good Morning, Is This Vodafone?" - "No It's Telfort..."

We have purchased this Cell Phone model at Turbosquid's, changed some textures and animated the object and the camera. I started off with a Vodafone version. It turned out, however, that the final animation was intended for Telfort. Oops.

Now at Telfort's they make much use of the Dutch Tricolour, so I made my own flag with C4d's Clothilde module, I more or less reconstructed the custom wipe that company used in its earlier commercials and composited the lot in After Effects. And so, Bla bla bla, here is a Telfort render. I finally got the company right, then. And I tweaked the animation a bit. But now it appears I have to redo the thing in 16:9!

In case you were wondering what the logo on the actual model says:


Blogger Jöran said...

Nice made animation, funny ro see that we "share" another customer.

9:18 a.m.  
Anonymous Feliz said...

Wauw, ik wil ook wel zo'n Workhorse telefoontje!

8:49 a.m.  

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