counter easy hit Luepp - A Digital Storyteller's Notepad: Siluro 3. "Buckle Up, We've Got Turbulence!"

maandag, juli 18, 2005

Siluro 3. "Buckle Up, We've Got Turbulence!"

The turbulence map works really well. The grey metal rod is still problematic. I turned off the fog of the environmental object for the sake of what else but clarity.

My fellow Magrathean "Michaelvk" gave me a few texturizing tips which were very useful indeed. Although I had not yet concentrated much on textures – I had been using a simple greenish sauce - I would probably not have thought of using either a turbulence map for basic colouring or a fresnel on the reflection. I did just that and also applied two instances of my "wear" layers (yellowish spots and scrathes in an alpha channel). Michaelvk also gave me an interesting tip on how to render clear metal surfaces. He suggested I use a danel shader; change the highlights to anisotropic and crank up the first specular; change all the colours to greyish tones, i.e. a light brownish colour for stainless steel or a light blue for aluminum. I did not yet, however, manage to get this right (see the dull grey texture for the rudder's rod). Thank you Michaelvk.