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woensdag, maart 02, 2005

Camera! Lights!

The Workstation has made extensive use of Cinema4D in the development of a creative camera plan for the registration of the European Jazz Trio concert this weekend. We have prepared a set of simulations for the combined purpose of determining (a) the positioning and movement of all remaining cameras; (b) the requirements of rigs and tracks; (c) the distribution of props and, of course, members of the audience.

The configuration of the musicians in this specific location was predesigned to ensure optimal sound and performance results. Lighting concerns were likewise taken into account in the development of the camera plan from the outset. We have tested various dolly-and-crane combinations and worked out the best position of the fixed main and secundary cameras. These four cameras will shoot to Digibeta tape. A fifth camera has a free-roaming assignment. It will record on DVCam. A photographer will supply additional footage for multimedial coverage. The sound will be recorded in surround. We will keep you posted. For now, I will leave you with a sample movie of a basic camera movement test (which ignores appropriate framing), and a decorative collage of six such movies.


Blogger Jöran said...

Gaaf Huib, als jullie nog een surround studio zoeken :-)
Succes met de klus, kom graag een keer kijken als het mag.

10:29 p.m.  

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