counter easy hit Luepp - A Digital Storyteller's Notepad: Laser Reprint

maandag, juli 18, 2005

Laser Reprint

I promised a while ago to continue work my adaptation, so to speak, of a tutorial project by that remarkable gentleman from New Zealand, 3DKiwi, who kindly keeps sharing so much of his creative stuff with the rest of us (The laser Light Show", for which, see ""). I have changed some settings such as colours and I have substituted the text obviously. More significantly, I have animated the origin of the laser beam and adjusted the animation timing. The beam now seems more alive, less mechanic and there is progression in the degree to which it fails to precisely catch up with the build-up of the type. A final swing curvature across adds even more personality. For my second composite, click here. For now, I just toned down the audio a bit.