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donderdag, februari 02, 2006

A Decent Proposer

"But it's just a Poser"

Wow, I am really enjoying the Poser 6 demo. This model is, of course, a prefab just like any other Poser model (I think), but I did manage to mould his expression into various kinds of moods or personalities, so to speak. This is one of them. The application is really great and I think may buy Poser 6 some time after the evaluation period has expired. We'll have to see how the alpha holds up, though, and what an exported model will look like in Cinema 4D. I know I will lose the animation keyframes on my Mac though. Well, I think I am starting to talk to myself. Anyway, I think the image is nice enough for publication on this blog, pointless as it may be.


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If you like Poser I have some tips for you :-)

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