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donderdag, april 28, 2005

C4D W.I.P. Bubble Ball & Laser Writer

I am once again conducting some experiments.

The first movie shows a hysterical set of underwater planets - why not? - and includes an emitter of bubbles which is based on a recent example from CDKiwi ("" for the example; "" for the project). I will continue to work on the emitters in this movie. I intend to place an emitter in the planets next. And there are technical problems to solve: a previous render had a Vector Motion Blur, but I am sorry to say that effect caused quite a few "render errors".

The second movie is likewise based on a tutorial by that remarkable fellow from New Zealand, Nigel Doyle, who kindly keeps sharing so much of his creative stuff with the rest of us (The laser Light Show", for which, see ""). I have changed some settings such as colours and I have substituted the text obviously. More significantly, I have animated the origin of the laser beam and adjusted the animation timing. The beam now seems more alive, less mechanic and there is progression in the degree to which it fails to precisely catch up with the build-up of the type. A final swing curvature across adds even more personality. I will continue to work on this adaptation.

Ah, well, still learning...

Addendum. For a first composite, click here. Mind you, the movie has stacked audio and it may therefore be loud.