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zaterdag, juli 30, 2005

Testing 1, 2, 3 (Putting MX to Work)

This post is reserved for Flash tests. I started it on August 12th, that's right, la notte di San Lorenzo, but its date has been set at July 30th to avoid interference with the flow of regular posts published for my proper audience (of about five people).

Click here to watch the first Shockwave version of the Morons-On-A-Torpedo-Craft movie I published some time ago [UPDATE: see the improved Flash Video below]. Okay, it's jagged. But it's only 720 KB. For the sake of comparison, you can click here to watch the original QuickTime containing 2,6 MB of MPEG-4 Video.

Great. It appears that the image quality of the Flash Video can be dramatically improved if you use the Flash Video Exporter Plugin (for QuickTime Player in my case). The Sorensen Spark codec, that Flash uses, can now work with two passes. Click here to view it.

How about this banner for the European Jazz Trio DVD? [De Controller doet niks.]

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