counter easy hit Luepp - A Digital Storyteller's Notepad: "Aw, Tjeez, I DNAw"

maandag, augustus 08, 2005

"Aw, Tjeez, I DNAw"

Why DNA? "Do Not Ask!"

Yes, I am still at it. We need these animations. The last attempt did not testify to the Intelligent Design of Life as John was so kind to point out. Wilfred thought I had reconstructed a staircase of that particular model that actually brought a factory to the brink of bankrupcy. But I modelled on. For better or for worse. So, like 'em or not, some of these images may actually make it to the DVD we are currently producing. It's the Leiden University project, for which see the Workstation Weblog items "Leiden University Challenge - Asking the questions: Busman & de Gruyter" and "Onder professoren - Leids logboek". Does it look anything like a DNA strand? "Aw, Tjeez, I DNAw". That's right, you don't know, because you've never seen one either! (Was I shouting? Sorry about that.)
Wait. It's "an artist's impression", that's what it is. I'll post the final result tomorrow, most likely, because at the moment the G5 is still crunching my DNA.