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zondag, augustus 07, 2005

DNA Yourself!

"Subscription requests will be carefully examined prior to acceptance."

Okay, so the heroic attempt to outsmart the BBC and produce my own animation zooming in on an X-chromosome and showing, ultimately, the unwinding of a DNA strand has resulted in UTTER failure. The image you see above is the only thing I've got to show for my efforts. The trouble is maths, you see, I was never any good at maths. No, not good with numbers at all. Why, some say I don't even add up!

P.S. d.d. 110905. Check out the absolutely gorgeous and highly illustrative animation from the BBC at [url][/url], the 24th query result for "DNA", BBC Reference NumberAEMQ510H, the preview of which I dare not even reproduce here. Read the BBC's conditions of use and do NOT distribute the preview.


Blogger TwigtSenior said...

Ah, not an intelligent design after all.

9:39 a.m.  

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