counter easy hit Luepp - A Digital Storyteller's Notepad: DNOugh

donderdag, augustus 11, 2005


The poster frame is set at the transition of the two titles.

I have completed the DNA sequences for use on the Leiden University DVD. An adaptation of these sequences is now available on this weblog. (Yes, I consistently assume that anyone would actually be interested in such movies). Note that the movie contains audio (Another Garage Band Midi Action Painting).

Mac users fully equipped with the QuickTime 7's H264 codec are invited to click here (3MB). Others may want to try this tiny QuickTime MPEG4 version (3,1MB). Incidentally, I am working on some convenient procedure to properly service visitors who use Windows machines that are equipped with only a limited set of codecs or do not even have a QuickTime Player installed. That will probably be a Flash player - for some mysterious reason, people are less afraid of Macromedia than they are of Apple. But for now, these versions will have to suffice.

you can hardly see the background image in the final composite (especially when you're using a Windows machine because of the marked gamma difference), so I thought I'd include this separate still image.